High Performance Squad


Our HPS was created to help push our fastest athletes to their limits.  Having someone to chase, or someone breathing down your neck, will always act as excellent motivation.  We've always been great at serving the new or intermediate triathlete.  Now we're looking after the fast ones too.

The team is put together each fall with our core squad welcoming newcomers.  The participants may already be accomplished in all three sports or are perhaps strong swimmers or runners in whom we see great potential.  Running tends to be one of the principal criteria with men typically running a sub-20 minute 5k and the women a sub-22 minute 5k.  If you are interested in applying for the squad drop us an email.  We sometimes add new members during the season as well.

The 2016 OTC High Performance Squad

Name Athletic Highlights:  
Kelsey Hunter-Coach    2nd in AG at Cornwall Sprint 100m Free PB :53
Dave Nogas-Coach 2nd in AG at Niagara Falls Half Mara (1:32)    Top 10 in AG at two 70.3 events
Joe Rogers Overall champ, Brockville Sprint  Member of 2013 World's Team
Robin Strong Top 5 in AG at Bring on the Bay 3k Swim 2nd/72 in AG at 9 Run Run 10k
Simon Gollish Top 3 in AG at Sydenham, KTown and Smiths Falls  
Tara Fairhead 22:16 5K  PB  
Adam Massia 3hr 25min Marathon PB 1hr 28min Half Marathon PB
Simon Jones 4th place over all and 2nd place A/G Early Bird Sprint 1hr 29min Half Marathon PB
Dan Anderson 3hr 12min Marathon PB
Jenn Bushell 2hr 20min Olympic Distance PB-3rd Women O/A 1st O/A Women-Triathlon de Verdun
Kirsten Carroll Somoza  1st place A/G Thousand Island Tri 1st O/A Women Sydenham Super Sprint
Alan Chaput 3hr 16min Marathon PB  3rd Place A/G Thousand Island Sprint Triathlon
Christian Holz  1st O/A Eearly Bird Sprint Swim/Cycle 4th O/A Canadian Half Iron Swim Cycle
Julie Piche 3rd O/A and 1A/G Canadian Sprint Triathlon
Aaron Holtzman 19:44 5K PB  
Alex Wong 1hr 31:45 Half Marathon PB  
Mike Christie 4hr 53min 30sec 70.3 PB  
Gwen Jorgenson  2015 ITU Perfect Season Futre Olympic Gold Medal
Jan Frodeno Ironman World Champion  70.3 World Champion