Jun 24 - Bike Time Trial

Member-Led* Bike Time Trials

Date: Saturday, May 6
  Saturday, June 24
  Saturday, September 23
Time: 8am
Location: Meet at Aviation Museum, back parking lot (overflow and buses)
Registration: None but please RSVP on the message board thread for each event
Cost: Free - Members only


*This is not an official club event. It is run by our members. Each participant is responsible for their own safety throughout.


Time to put the rubber to the road! Learn how to push yourself hard in these short time trials of 15k. You will learn a lot about pacing, monitoring exertion levels, and you'll get a great bump to your fitness.  Adrian needs at least one volunteer so, if interested, post on the message board (and, thank you!).


What a blast! I had great fun and would like to thank Adrian for his hard work and patience in setting up and timing the time trial today. Can't wait until someone organizes the next one!!!


How It Works

Notes from Adrian, lead member)

Questions?  Please ask them on the message board so all can share in the answer.