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Jul 16 - Duathlon

 OTC Duathlon

Date: Sunday, July 16
Time: 08:30am
Location: Corkstown Road
Registration: RSVP on message board thread
Cost: Free to OTC Members
Distances: 1.5k Run, 8k Bike, 3k Run 
Map: Click here for race map


It's your chance to try a duathlon and see how challenging it is to run first! Our du features manageable distances in a beautiful setting in Ottawa's west end.


We've had a few and they are load of fun.

How It Works

  • RSVP on the message board
  • If you can, bring some baking to share with others post-race!
  • Take the Moodie Drive exit off the 417 and drive down Corkstown Road, parking in the NCC lot located just west of the T zone.
  • Set up your bike in the T zone beneath the overpass.
  • The start line will be adjacent to the overpass.
  • Start time is 8:30am sharp.
  • Athletes will run 750m south west on an open, wide dirt trail to the turnaround which will be manned by a volunteer, then return to the T zone.
  • Next, they will walk or jog their bike to the edge of Corkstown Road where they will mount and turn right to ride east on the road.
  • At approx. 1.5k they will find a volunteer marking the turn around spot and will carefully do a U turn to now head west.
  • Bike U-turns: The athlete themselves is responsible to perform a safe u-turn when the road is clear. They must check in both directions. If traffic is present they must either stop or continue a little further down the road before turning. Vehicle traffic takes priority.
  • At approx. 5.5k into the ride they will reach the second turn-around from which they will return to the T zone.
  • Athletes will stop and dismount at the edge of the road and walk or job their bike to their bike spot.
  • Finally, the athlete will run north on the trail to the turn-around at the 1.5k mark where there will be a volunteer. Turning, the athlete will return to the finish line in the underpass.
  • Athletes will cross Corkstown Rd. twice on the second run. They must do so carefully giving way to vehicles.

Questions? Please ask them on the message board so all can share in the answer.