FAQ's - Non-member Programs

  • I have registered for a half iron and/or ironman distance event in the coming year. Do you offer a program suited to long distance races? +

    We offer a Cast Iron class as part of our Triathlon Training Program. These workouts are held on Saturdays from January until May and then you're welcome to drop in to any TTP class until the end of August. The workouts are specifically designed for the long distance athlete and a group of people with similar goals & fitness levels.
  • Do I need to know how to swim to join your programs? +

    We welcome all athletes of all levels! We only require that you be able to swim 50 metres non-stop, any stroke. The swim coach will help you find the appropriate swim lane that works best for you. Our workouts are designed to help our new swimmers & challenge our advanced swimmers.
  • You have an advanced swim program. What level of swimmer do you have to be in order to register for this program? +

    Our advanced swim program is at the Plant Pool on Thursdays 7:30-8:30PM. You must be able to sustain < 2:00 min/100 meters in order to join the advanced swim.
  • Do I need special equipment? +

    No, you won't need any special equipment. We recommend a few small items like a water bottle, towels, etc but otherwise, we like to keep it pretty simple.
  • What kind of pedals do you have on the spin bikes? Do I need bike shoes? +

    Most of the have baskets on the pedals available for running shoe use in the spin studio. We also have mostly SPD with a couple of Keo pedals. We ask that members only wear indoor shoes in the studio. If your bike shoes have been used outdoors, we ask that you clean them thoroughly before bringing them into the class.
  • I'm in town visiting and looking for suggested bike/run routes and people to do a workout with. +

    We have some suggested local bike and running routes on our website under Resources and would recommend posting on our Facebook page your request for a riding or running group/partner during your visit.
  • I go away traveling every summer and can only commit for the winter months. Do you offer a shorter TTP program? +

    Yes, we offer a shorter version of our signature program for 16 weeks from January until May. The 16 week class is available Sunday mornings with the option to drop into week night classes until the end of May.
  • Do you offer one on one coaching? +

    We don't currently offer one on one coaching but have started a pilot project involving members mentoring members. Please see our website for future developments.
  • I'm interested in the track workouts. How do I join? +

    Our track workouts are included in our Triathlon Training Program as well as our Summer Membership.
  • I've heard about the Ottawa Running Club. How do I find out more information? +

    You can find out more information about registration & workouts at www.ottawarunningclub.com
  • What is your Summer Membership and when can you register? +

    Summer Membership registrations opens in June and includes our track workouts, open water swims, access to the message board as well as club events & member clinics. Plus enjoy member privileges for our always competitive fall registration period. For further details, see our website under Programs.
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FAQ's - Becoming a Member

  • How do I join the Ottawa Triathlon Club? +

    You become a member of the Ottawa Triathlon Club whenever you register for our Swim Program, Triathlon Training Program, Tour de France, Yoga for Triathletes, or our Summer Membership.
  • Where is the OTC Spin Studio? +

    We're located at 1226a Wellington Street just above the Home Hardware. Closest intersection is Wellington @ Holland Avenue.
  • I'm brand new to triathlon. Is your program right for me? +

    Yes! Our Triathlon Training Program is geared towards all levels of athletes. Many of our members are training towards their very first triathlon. When you are on the spin bikes, YOU control the resistance on the bike and how hard you go. We're there to guide and help you achieve your first triathlon goal.
  • Do I need to be an experienced triathlete to join? +

    You definitely do not need to be an experienced triathlete to join our club! Our club has members who have never done a triathlon before to those who have been in the sport for 20+ years. We are simply a community of coaches & athletes who support one another in achieving our fitness goals
  • I am an experienced athlete and done a few triathlons. Will your programs be challenging enough for me? +

    The Ottawa Triathlon Club is a recreational organization dedicated to supporting you & your triathlon goals. We do offer 'Competitive' classes as part of our Triathlon Training Program and would recommend signing up for those classes to meet other experienced athletes.
  • Can I come by and talk to someone at the studio and see the equipment? +

    Special arrangements can be made by contacting the Administrator. The Ottawa Triathlon Club is often present at the local races with their team tent & flag. Please stop by and introduce yourself and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.
  • Is there a phone number I can reach someone at? +

    The best way to reach us is via email. In order to keep our programs costs as low as possible, we don't have a phone line but are more than happy to answer any of your questions via email.
  • The program that I want to join has already started, can I still join? +

    If there is still space available, we would love to have you join. We offer a prorated price from your start date to the end of the course. The prorated price is determined by the Administrator & head coach Geordie McConnell.
  • The program I want is sold out, are there wait lists? +

    Yes! There are wait lists available for all of our OTC Programs. Please contact the Administrator with the course & time slot (if applicable) of the program you're interested in. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you immediately via email.
  • How do I join if I'll be out of town on registration day? +

    All our registrations are done online so as long as you have internet access while you're away, you can register. If you are a current member of the club and want to keep your program spot, please contact the Administrator.
  • I registered for one of Geordie's clinics, does that make me an OTC member? +

    No, the clinics do not qualify for OTC membership but they are an excellent way to see if the club suits your interests!
  • I'm a student, do you have special membership rates? +

    We do not offer special student rates at this time.
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