ORC Track Program

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Track workouts are just like a session in the swimming pool: work on technique, work on fitness, camaraderie, and a coach there to help guide and correct you at every step. And, just like our swims, there is something for athletes of every level. This program is offered to all members of the Ottawa Running Club, our sister organization, and take place on Wednesdays from 6:15pm to 7:15pm.  Annual ORC membership is only $60 and all funds go to support our charitable work in the community.

Starts: May 5, 2016

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Season May through August
Day/Time Wednesday's from 615pm to 715pm
Location Notre Dame High School Track, 710 Broadview Ave.
Registration This is a program of the Ottawa Running Club.  $60 and you have a membership for up to 3 runs a week for the full year.
Top Priority Starting with the correct workload and then building slowly to ensure you stay healthy while getting faster

The Benefits of Track Workouts

Development of Proper Technique

  • Cadence
  • Posture
  • Carriage
  • Result: Increased efficiency or economy. This means more speed while burning less energy.

Increased Power

  • Body will learn to recruit more muscle fibres
  • Muscles will grow in density and possible size
  • Stride length will increase (cadence + stride = speed)
  • Increase injury resistance (mus/biomech fitness) through logical start and slow progression

Improved Sense of Pacing

  • GPS and heart rate aren't as accurate as your running by feel or perceived exertion (PE)
  • Run by feel and get in touch with the signals your body sends you
  • GPS and HR can hold you back when you're fitter than you think

Increased Vo2Max and Lactate Tolerance

  • Vo2Max is the measure of your aerobic capacity or the size of your engine. When it increases, so does your capacity to exercise. A higher Vo2Max means the ability to sustain higher paces longer and the fact that moderate paces begin to feel easy.
  • Lactate Tolerance is the ability of your muscles to clear the by products of the energy burning process that can inhibit the muscles ability to function. The result is the the ability to go harder longer.

Our Philosophy

Quality Not Quantity

  • Run all reps with perfect technique. This is done by managing both the number of reps and rest interval.
  • Overall load of workout is just enough to prompt adaptation or an increase in fitness, while not being so great that it detracts from the week's other workouts. It is speed that increased a runner's economy; another reason to focus on quality and speed rather than volume.

For Everyone

  • Timed, not volume-based sets, means everyone gets the perfect amount of work/rest
  • Rest intervals based on speed therefore everyone gets appropriate rest
  • Form pace groups to promote camaraderie

The Workouts

  • 10 minute warm up jog
  • Technique drills to further warm up but also train the neuromuscular system proper gait patterns
  • Main set. We slowly build the intensity of the interval sets, basing the volume and pace on an individual basis. As you get faster (and you will!) you see yourself move into a faster pace group.
  • With all runners in a set area (400m) the coach can watch and give feedback continually.

Club Track Records

Each month we celebrate all our athletes by comparing performances and highlighting how many seconds faster they have run. We also note our club records on the gravel track at Notre Dame:
  Women     Men    
The Mile* Jesula Drouillard 6:04 June 14, 2012 Linden Head 4:44 June 14, 2014
1000m Jesula Drouillard 3:30 July 19, 2012 Bryan Lemire 3:00 May 24, 2012
800m Jesula Drouillard 2:46 July 3, 2012 Bryan Lemire 2:17 May 31, 2012
400m Jesula/Rachel B 1:12 July 5, 2012 Bryan Lemire 1:00.5 July 5, 2012

Quadrathlon Meet Records

Each summer we challenge our members to complete a Pentathlon at the Terry Fox track. Here are the records.
200m Rachel Burdick 29.0 2011 Stephane de Witt 26.7 2010
1500m Morgan Williams 5:24 2012 Stephane de Witt 4:53 2010
Shot Put 12lb Gen 13.20 2012 Geordie McConnell 13.20 2014
Long Jump An Vo 2.16 2014 Ruben Ludmer 2.61 2012