TTP Race Training

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This is the OTC's signature program that trains you from start to finish, guiding you to your goals. You'll be part of a training group which will meet once per week with your coach for a two hour workout from May through August. We have lots of classes to choose from: Monday through Thursday at 6, 7 or 8pm or 615am on Tuesday or Thursday!  All classes are held at our home at #10 Hamilton and feature a high intensity indoor spin class, with coaching on technique and pacing, followed by a transition run, muscular strength training and flexibility. It's like doing a mini-triathlon each week with your coach. There is much more to the TTP too, including: unlimited drop-in's, bike fits,
group bike rides, specialized training equipment....all included in the cost! 

Starts: May 8th, 2017 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start in April)
Registration Now Open! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register!

TTP Race Training (Starts May 8 - email to start earlier) $259.90     Join Now  
Open Water Swim: Program Information  


Our amazing program includes over 50 hours of coached workouts!

simon finishWhat's Included:

  • 16 weekly 2 hour coached workouts based from our studio, which include ride, run, weights and flexibility.
  • Unlimited drop-in's to other/additional TTP studio classes (if there is a bike available)
  • Coached group rides throughout the week.
  • OTC bike and open water clinics.
  • Online workout log so you can track your training and possibly work 1on1 with an OTC coach.
  • Streamlined OTC Message Board to improve your online experience.
  • Lemond Revmaster spin bikes, the smoothest and most comfortable spin bike you've every rode.
  • Muscular strength training program which is periodized to increase your power and keep you injury free.
  • Regular zone testing our our computerized testing bike.
  • Flexibility program to enhance your range of motion and keep you injury free.
  • PowerPoint talks or videos each week to educate and entertain
  • Periodized training program on the bike that builds your endurance, power, strength, speed and skill.
  • Lots of fun and camaraderie as you train with a group of like minded OTCer's!
  • *Please note: This is dryland only. Email us about swim options.

2016 Schedule

Mon     6pm   7pm Andrew/Deb 8pm Trina/Deb
Tues 615am*   6pm   7pm Blyth/Brian  8pm Ali/Brian
Wed     6pm   7pm Erik/Annick 8pm Kelsey/Dave N
Thurs 615am*   6pm   7pm Todd/Dave H 8pm Brent/Dave H

*Our morning program allows you to stay as long as you can, with opportunities to go for one hour, 90 minutes or the full 2 hours.