Open Water Swim Program


It's the scariest part of triathlon but it doesn't have to be; like anything, familiarity is the key. Our open water program helps you to learn the key skills and do race simulations to gain confidence, comfort and fitness. Each workout will include coaching, drills and practice in key skills such as sighting, turning and swimming in a crowd. Most swims take place on Saturday mornings. When there is a major event on Saturday, we move the swim to the Wednesday evening before. The open water swims are included as part of our annual swim or our special Open Water Plus Summer Membership. 

Our swims take place off the windsurf beach at Britannia in water that is as close to walkable depth as we can ensure.  Groups meet on the beach preceeding the assigned time unless conditions are questionable in which case the coach will be in the parking lot to advise.  Workouts are roughly one hour in duration.

Plus: With this membership you get to take part in all of the OTC's outdoor fun!  That means not only the swims but the group rides and free events as well.   Plus, enjoy member privileges for our always competitive fall registration period. Your membership will commence on May 8th so you won't miss out bike clinic.

We're very excited to announce that our swim program now has it's own micro-site!

For everything related to OTC swimming please visit

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