The OTC Coaching Team

Learn about our Triathlon Coach training

coach jenn

Jenn Bushell - MS, CAT(C), ATC

Our head coach provides the club with a unique blend of skills, knowledge and leadership.  A Certified Athletic Therapist, Jenn is also an elite age group triathlete who has represented Canada.

coach dave

Dave Harding - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Dave recently celebrated his 20th year in the sport of triathlon by setting personal bests at most distances. Combining tremendous experience and proficiency, he also possesses excellent skills as a teacher and coach.

Geordie McConnell - NCCP certified Level One Triathlon Coach

Geordie has introduced hundreds to the sport of triathlon over the last 16 years as a coach. He prides himself on the ability to take the most advanced of triathlon science and make it work for athletes of every level. The founder of the OTC, Geordie passed over the reins to the club in 2016 in order to focus on the swim side of things.  You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
coach kym

Kym Shouldice - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

One of the OTC's longest serving members, Kym made the transition to tri coach smoothly having many years of outdoor education and swim coaching experience behind.

coach blythe

Blythe McKay - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

The perfect coach for our recreational members, Blythe understands how the multisport lifestyle and belonging to the OTC can make such a great and positive difference in your lifestyle. Her energy is boundless and her enthusiasm infectious!

coach sean

Sean Sepulis

A 10-time National Champion backstroker, Sean is our busiest swim coach, putting his charges through the paces as the Canterbury pool.  A teacher by profession, he uses all his tools to help our team advance in the water.

 coach daven

Dave Nogas - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

One of our talented masters athletes and a man with enthusiasm to spare!  Dave's a keen student of triathlon and his passion to learn will infect all around him.

 coach todd

Todd Morin - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Never far from the podium in distance running, Todd is now approaching the same level in triathlon.  His maturing and experience helps him to guide his athletes to a balanced life and triathlon success.

 coach steve

Steve Bodor - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Steve has been doing triathlons for several years and has competed in every distance from Try-a-Tri to Iron distance.  Coming from a weight training background, Steve now strives to be ever fitter, faster, and stronger....all the while having fun.  Steve loves goals and challenges and can help you reach or define yours.

 coach andrew

Andrew Weston

Iron Andy is a veteran of many years in the sport and is a multiple Ironman finisher.  His spirit and ready smile will inspire and motivate you in your triathlon journey. 


 coach ali

Alison Werstuk - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Ali puts together a great package for a coach: certified teacher + infectious spirit + high level of proficiency as a triathlete.  She has the ability to help athletes find and acheive their best while having fun doing it.

 coach trina

Trina Harper - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Trina is one of the most remarkable cheerleaders for others, regardless of their skills or abilities. Her down to earth/keeping it real personality results in Trina having a way of inspiring others to try new things, push harder, set higher goals, and overall going-for it.

 coach kimC

Kim Chretien - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

An accomplished swimmer and cyclist, Kim brings her determination and drive to the club to help others reach their goals.  Also a trained yoga instructor, Kim knows the importance of creating a balance between strength and flexibility.

coach brent

 Brent Smyth

From his easily recognizable laugh, to his ever-present smile, Brent’s “Have fun and Git’r done” motto aligns well with the club’s values, but you can still count on him to make sure you’re putting in the effort to achieve your goals.


 Annick Desrosiers CanFit Certifed Personal Trainer

Annick with her endless smile, passion for triathlon, continual improvement and wicked bike split will help you reach your goals. Annick has raced several 70.3 and is reaching for her first Ironman in 2016.

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 Erik Blackstock - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

A multiple 70.3 finisher and finisher of many other distances and races, including Escape from Alcatraz. If Erik is your coach you will see very quickly that Erik's passion for triathlon is infectious. Erik has ambitious goals and you will feel inspired working with him!


 Brian Moran CanFit Certifed Personal Trainer & NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Brian, a certified personal trainer, with a passion for swimming biking and running will be coaching our the strength portion of TTP this year. Get ready to be infected with his enthusiasm!

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Debra Kennette CanFit Certifed Personal Trainer

Deb is a time management ninja! She is a multiple 70.3 finisher along with finishing many other shorter triathlons, an OTC strength coach all while raising 4 little ones. Deb, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, will help you along your training path!

And these coaches are taking some time off to deal with diapers or new far-away homes.

coach graeme

Graeme Glabb

A 7-time Ironman finisher, Gray shares his knowledge with our long distance athletes as one of our Cast Iron coaches.  His easy going manner helps him to reach all athletes and get the most out of their performances.

coach shannon

Shannon Merizzi

After a successful career as a collegiate runner, Shannon has taken the local tri scene by storm. This past season she was outright female champ at two local races.  With her background as a Dietician makes her even more invaluable.

coach carolin

Caroline Corriveau - BSc Physiotherapy, NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

Physiotherapist, swim coach, and a triathlete on the move, Caroline just keeps getting faster every year. With care and enthusiasm she guides her athletes towards the very same results.

rachel heft

Rachel Heft

There's no lack of positive energy from this long-time OTC member.  Rachel is able to create a fun and social environment while also pushing her athletes to break through to new levels of fitness.

coach bryan

Bryan Lemire

A collegiate track star, Bryan holds most of the club records on the track.  Now, he's starting to convert that power to endurance, so look out!  Combining with wife, Rachel, they make the perfect coaching duo.

 coach adrian

Adrian Wong

There is a lot of potential science in the sport of triathlon and few know it better than Coach A.  Our time trial director, he's able to take two legs and one bike and make them go fast.

Coach Jolene

Jolène Savoie

With spirit to spare, Jo also brings a great balancing amount of intensity to her coaching, helping her athletes get the hard work done and have fun doing it!

coach glen

Glen Day

A long time member of the club, Glen learned how to accomplish his Ironman goals while keeping life is excellent balance.  Add in his positive attitude and you have the perfect recipe for coach.

coach joe

Joe Rogers - NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

A former competitive rower, Joe knows what it takes to reach the podium.  It didn't take him long in the sport to qualify for the Canadian World Championships team.  He'll help push you to acheive as well.

coach nicole

Nicole McKenzie

A life-long OTC advocate, this former figure skater gladly traded in her skates for the more welcoming sport of triathlon.  With several years of coaching competitive cheerleading she'll be your best supporter during training, on the course, or on the sidelines.

 coach neil

Neil Turland 

A specialist in Sprint and Olympic distances, Neil continually searches to maximize training efficiency and effectiveness to help maintain a healthy work/life/training balance. Coming from a background in competitive soccer, Neil has embraced triathlon with infectious enthusiasm.