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Outdoor Rides

We have three group rides a year that are designed to help introduce members to fantastic local routes.  Please study the information below before joining in.  Find the ride details on our events page.

  • While in Gatineau Parc the NCC asks that riders remain in single file.  See their Safety Tips.

Before You Group Ride

  • It is recommended that all riders bring with them an ICE card, listing important emergency information.
  • Know your average long ride speed so groups can be formed that will stay together.
  • As in any group workout, some athletes might have to sacrifice a little pace in order to enjoy the benefits of the group environment.
  • Bring a tool kit, extra tube, fluid/food, and one cell phone per group
  • For route planning outside of Gatineau Park, one-way/turnaround routes are recommended so distances can be varied easily.

Top 10 Group Riding Tips

  1. Ride predictably.
  2. Always shoulder check before changing your line (ie passing, pulling back in, turning).
  3. Signal your turns and stops.
  4. Maintain your line and do so approximately one metre from the curb.
  5. Point out obstacles that should be avoided (shout out too if required).
  6. Make individual decisions and checks at stop signs; don't be a sheep.
  7. Ride over minor bumps instead of swerving to avoid.
  8. Don't accelerate when assuming the pull at the front.
  9. Regroup when required after stops signs, traffic lights, hills.
  10. If you have technical problems (ie flat, chain off) don't brake suddenly; signal and coast to a stop.

    Please view this excellent video from The Ride >

Weather Tip:

Stay safe! Here is an excellent resource on the topic - click on 'Surviving a Thunderstorm'.

Possible Routes:

35k Tunney's to Colonel By
45k Tunney's to Parkways
54k Tunney's to Champlain Lookout
54k Tunney's to Gatineau Park Loop
60k Britannia To Thomas Dolan
60k Tunney's To Rockcliffe Pkwy
64k Tunney's To Manotick
70k Tunney's To Richmond
73k Tunney's to All City Parkways
75k Tunney's To Wakefield
75k Tunney's To Wakefield (105)
80k Tunney's To Thomas Dolan
90k Dave's Manotick Loop
90k Tunney's To Navan


Please note: Individuals using the above routes do so at their own risk. The OTC takes no responsibility for the current condition or suitability of the routes.


More on cycling safety: