Supporting Our Community

The Ottawa Triathlon Club is committed to not only improve the health and fitness of our members but also contribute to the community as a whole. Since being formed in October 2004, the club has donated over $50,000 to charitable organizations like those seen below. Our annual goal, and one that we have reached each of the last two years, is to have our charitable contributions equal 10% of our total revenue. We come upon this target as it would match local organizations such as the YM-YWCA.

Some details on our charity work:

  • Our major fundraising effort each year is the wholly volunteer operation of the Ottawa Running Club.
  • Since our inception, we have been a supporter of The Ottawa Riverkeeper, a science-based charity that helps to guard the health and sustainability of the Ottawa River.
  • Our club is a member and major sponsor of Sole Responsibility. This grass roots organization collects gently used running shoes and ships them to those in need in Africa.

Here are some of the organizations that have received support from the OTC:

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Being Green

There are few recreational pursuits that rely more on our natural environment than triathlon. Pollution and degradation of our water, air and land can stop us from enjoying the sport we love.

The OTC is always trying to decrease it's carbon footprint through responsible and sustainable practices. While we support The Ottawa Riverkeeper and Sole Responsibility, both environmentally-related organizations, we also try to make the right decisions in terms of the club's administration. For example, thanks to this website and online payment, our club is paperless. We hope to further tweak our habits to help change our little corner of the world.

Our head coach, Geordie McConnell, occasionally writes for local magazines. Here is an article he wrote for IRun magazine that focuses on how runners can make a difference in terms of their impact on the world.