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Covid-19 Update: August 26, 2020

The following message was emailed directly to members.

Hello Team,

With a month to go before our fall season we have been analysing the current environment for fitness operations. Part of that analysis was a thorough review of our covid-ready step by step procedures required to safely host fitness classes.

Part of the success of the OTC was the sense of intimacy built in our classes. Intimacy and pandemics don’t make a good combination. When the three of us read through the steps, placing ourselves as members, our reaction is simple: we would not personally be interested in taking part. Everyone has their own relationship to risk and many of you would not share our feelings while many would. We saw this split in our survey earlier this summer. As club leaders though, and the ones who carry overall responsibility, we cannot send the club forward when we are not willing to lead the way.

Another thing we know is that we cannot remain closed and keep your money. For that reason we have made the very difficult decision to pause in person club operations and make refunds of $200 available to each member. An exact pro-rated refund is not possible as we must retain some money to cover additional operational costs such as accounting.

This step means #10 will stop being home to Team OTC and I’m sure you’ll share our disappointment at this prospect. It has played home to our community for six years and we all have countless great memories from our time there. But it was not our first home and it will not be our last. Our club is more than a location.

Here are some additional points to cover the plan moving forward:

  • Members must email to request a refund by no later than September 30, 2020. Please be patient as we process them.

  • The OTC has been permitted to exit it’s current lease for #10. The building will be converted into a combination of apartment and small commercial office to satisfy zoning requirements.

  • Some equipment will be stored, some will be sold. Members will be contacted when we are ready for this step. Please do not email us yet on this subject.

  • The coaches will meet with club leadership soon to discuss how the community will function moving forward. We want to retain the connections and hope to facilitate that virtually in the winter and then out of doors for the 2021 season. There are few if any triathlon club’s that operate their own studio. Most rent a hall here or there in winter then focus on outdoor programs in season. That is what we see as the near future for the club.

  • Will we again someday have our own studio? We do not know but it is something we’ll revisit if and when conditions lend themselves to such a strategy.

We are sorry to deliver this bad news but feel confident this is the best way forward for our club and its members.

All the best,

Geordie, Todd and Steve

PS Here is a personal message I shot last night. Apologies for the quality of the picture.

Top Five Reasons to Join Team OTC

  1. Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. From rookies to Ironmen/women, we are all part of one team.

  2. Life is too short not to have fun on the journey. We make sure fun is central to all we do.

  3. While having fun with our friends, we get the work done and together reach new levels of fitness and personal achievement.

  4. Triathlon can seem complex so it's a good thing then that we have the certified and experienced coaches to guide you.

  5. For less than your cell phone bill, Team OTC will be there to guide you, support you, and celebrate as you cross that finish line.